Global problems


Turn around on product distribution gets extended over 100 hours, creating supply chain bottlenecks. Impeding labs and distributors from connecting the product to the customer in a time effective way.


Laboratories experience large upfront equipment costs, including multiple machines that require significant maintenance and technical expertise. Increasing cost and slowing the ability to scale.


Outdated machinery creates a discrepancy in product testing nationally. Because of this, the testing industry is repeatedly questioned by the Media about the validity of all test results.

Effects Across the cannabis & CBD supply chain


Current turn around time is slow, causing expensive bottlenecks in testing across the marketplace. Costs to operate machinery are even more expensive.


The time required between picking up product from cultivators and sending to dispensaries creates expensive logistical problems that waste resources.


Timelines are pushed on product deliveries while waiting 5-9 days for test results, it is even worse if the sample provided to the lab fails and the clock resets.


Testing is required at every step of the extraction process. Right now, processors cannot see insights into quality throughout the production process.


Instant Gratification

Results from lab tests now take you minutes to complete, reducing time spent by 76%. Removing the bottleneck

Decreased Daily Costs

Your day to day expenses are significantly reduced by optimizing operating productivity; significantly reducing labor costs.

Accurate Analytics

You will have continuity in your data set that allows you to verify test results on our Blockchain and run analytics in real time.

Customer Centric

Obsessive about customer success by providing unrivaled technical support for our partners.

What our partners say

"We have been on the lookout for technology that advances lab testing in the key areas of accuracy, consistency, output speed, and cost reduction. Sniffer Labs hits the bulls-eye in each of these areas. It is an exciting time for us."

Sachin Barot
CEO of Ceres Labs

“Using the most innovative technology in the cannabis testing market is going to help DB Labs create a competitive advantage, and efficiently scale our operations across the nation.”

Susan Bunce
CEO of DB Labs


Sniffer Labs underlying technology was initially designed to detect explosive trace chemicals with 100% success. The compact device was deployed worldwide supporting US government operations. As soon as the patents became available in the market, our team acquired global rights and began commercializing the technology for the cannabis and CBD supply-chain.

  • Acts as a hyper-sensitive "Artificial Nose"
  • Real-time measurements in Parts Per Trillion (ppt)
  • Seamless hardware & software integration
Gas Chromatography
Mass Spectrometry
Sniffer Labs Technology


SL white

In the world of diamonds, etched on the most pure and vibrant stones you will find a discreet marking, GIA. Abbreviated for Gemological Institute of America, immediately signifies to everyone that each stone with this marking has been hand picked for clarity, cut & color.

Sniffer Labs is the first Cannabis testing provider with the capability to provide global quality reports for Cannabis and CBD products with such equivalence. SL will signify unparalleled purity, color and quality.

Join us in changing the testing world